Collection Due Process Hearing


The Collection Due process Hearing is your opportunity to appeal an IRS decision.  When the IRS says no, the Collection Due Process Hearing is a chance for “fresh” set of eyes to look at your case.


The IRS is a large bureaucracy that can be difficult to deal with.  A Collection Due Process Hearing allows you to talk to a human being face-to-face.


Just about any collection problem you have with the IRS may be heard at the Collection Due Process Hearing.  These include disputes with the IRS regarding:


  • Amount of tax owed;
  • Rejection of Innocent Spouse Relief;
  • Rejection of an installment agreement;
  • Rejection of an Offer in Compromise;
  • Alternative collection arrangements; and
  • Currently not collectible status.


Generally, your request for a Collection Due Process Hearing must be received by the IRS within 30 days from the date of a Final Notice of Intent to Levy or a Notice of Tax Lien.


The timely filing of a Collection Due Process Hearing request usually stops collection activity until your appeal is resolved.

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